• Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

Fighting fit troops on the agenda as Arab servicemen gather in Abu Dhabi


Military officers and experts from across the region gather in Abu Dhabi for a training and sports conference.

The Arab Military Symposium for Military Physical Preparation aims to assess how the military can adapt to extreme conditions and the latest trends in military physical training.

It also seeks to reflect on how sport can encourage cooperation and competitiveness.

Nine countries – Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Djibouti and the United Arab Emirates – are participating in the event, which is hosted by the UAE Defense Army. United and the Arab Federation of Military Sports.

More than 100 officers from different units of the UAE Armed Forces are expected over the next few days with dozens of speakers who are experts in training, fitness and nutrition.

Salem Al Dhaheri, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense, said the main objectives of the symposium were to “maintain combat readiness, improve physical fitness and endurance, increase self-confidence and increase self-confidence. ‘improve patience among members of the armed forces’.

“The [symposium] helps train specialist coaches, improves physical condition and improves skills through competitions, sports activities and participating in international, Arab and local military sporting events, ”he said.

This is the seventh time that the symposium has taken place and the third time that the event has taken place in the United Arab Emirates.

He also seeks to address issues such as training in extreme climates and ensuring soldiers are better suited to perform in warmer climates.

“The aim is to learn about the latest developments in military training,” said Brigadier Jehad Qtaishat of Jordan, who heads the Arab Federation for Military Sports.

“All forces should embrace the sport,” said Brigadier Qtaishat. “They should have access to the latest developments. All Arab countries have gathered here in friendship to share their knowledge in these fields.

The federation was established in 1982 and organizes many friendly competitions between Arab countries such as football, archery and rowing, in addition to organizing two competitions for veterans.

The conference takes place at the Armed Forces Officers Club until Wednesday.

Updated: December 19, 2021, 12:53 PM