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Island Target Archery is back on Kangaroo Island after lockdown | Islander

ByMary M. Ward

Jul 9, 2020


What a wonderful day for archery on Sunday June 28th.

This was the second outing for Island Target Archery since COVID-19 lockdown restrictions were relaxed, and all have turned out very well by “naming” the new course in the field.

Annabelle was from the mainland and took advantage of the good weather.

His uncle Steve Berzel has shot too, and we look forward to him shooting with us in the future, and now that he’s bought a new recurve bow, we’ll see him a lot, hopefully.

Ikora Rey brought Mia Moore to the line, along with her new puppies. Mia really enjoyed the course on the field where many gold medals were drawn.

But, the bright star of the day was Eva Trevarthen. His form is improving and the joy on his face during the course on the field was incredible.

The following Sunday it was very overcast but the rain delayed the shoot.

Island Target Archery purchased another swinging target for the terrain, as well as 10 hay bales to use as targets.

So our mini field course became a full course in a matter of weeks.

Eva tried her first shoot at “Clout Archery”.

Clout is shot in many countries around the world, although Archery Australia draws a unique style of influence.

Clout Archery is a traditional archery event whose roots can be traced back to medieval archery when archers shot their arrows at advancing armies.

Clout archery is shot over long distances with distances of up to 180m depending on the equipment used. The target is laid flat on the ground and the archers have shot their arrows in the air, trying to land the arrows in the target.

Island Target Archery welcomes its two new members from Archery Australia. Mia Moore and Eva Trevarthen.

They are both Cubs, so they will compete together, and now that they are members, their scores will be placed on Archery Australia’s website, Archer’s Diary.

And there is a chance to win medals and our end of year trophy.

Island Target Archery “aims” to keep each week exciting and different for kids while improving their archery skills.

If you would like to try archery, call us on 0418 833 515, and if you are an experienced archer, bring your equipment. We shoot every Sunday morning.


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