• Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

Opening of the archery range in the parish park

In the early 1920s, South Dakota historian Doane Robinson looked at a mountain in its original state and saw more than just a mountain. In his mind, he saw the images of four US presidents and hired sculptor Gutzon Borglum to convert the mountain into one of this nation’s most precious treasures, Mount Rushmore.

In the late 1970s, a Robinson-style local citizen looked at an area of ​​northern Louisiana made up of hills, hollows, and streams and saw a beautiful park in his mind. Thanks to Fredrick Hoogland, his vision came true when in March 1990, Lincoln Parish Park was officially opened and, since its opening, has been enjoyed by thousands of hikers, cyclists, campers and others.

Local police juror Glenn Scriber, a visionary in his own right, saw a part of Lincoln Parish Park that was not otherwise in use and dreamed of converting this 10-acre lot into an archery range . After months of planning and with the help of sponsors, a 3D archery range was officially opened to the public a few days ago on Labor Day.

Scriber invited me to visit this facility last week, and I saw first-hand what a person with a long-term vision can accomplish when a plan is implemented.

“We have finally set up the lineup and ready to go,” Scriber said. “We invited all 22 sponsors to come and enjoy the line this past weekend at no cost with the line opening to the public starting Labor Day.”

The booth is designed to meet Archery Association (ASA) standards, which means the local booth can host officially sanctioned tournaments. Scriber is looking for the lineup to host three or four tournaments per year, with the first sanctioned tournament slated for early 2022. Additionally, the local 4-H club will host a tournament here in October.

While we were touring the facility, I saw a variety of life-size animal targets spaced with 20 targets spanning the 10 acres. Targets consist of everything from large deer and pigs to turkeys and exotic animals, and are all set in realistic situations between trees and such obstacles requiring shooting expertise in the style of situations. of authentic hunting. Painted rebar lengths indicate the distance between the shooter and the target with ranges set up for novice and experienced archers.

“We couldn’t have done it without the support of our sponsors,” Scriber said. “My goal was to see if we could raise around $ 12,000 which would get us started and running. Twenty-two sponsors stepped up and were more than happy to do their part to make the archery range a reality.

“We have exceeded this target by several thousand dollars, which gives us operating capital to enable us to maintain this facility as a top-notch range. “

One thing that will be of added appeal to the new range is the very reasonable price list put in place for members of the public to use the range.

“For an annual fee of $ 100, archers can go out as often as they like and shoot at the stand. These charges also include the use of other amenities offered by Lincoln Parish Park. Also, “Scriber noted,” if shooters just want to go out every now and then and maybe adjust their bows or

Convenient for the upcoming hunting season, they pay a daily fee of just $ 8 which includes the permit to use the park and shoot at the shooting range.

We may not have a local Mount Rushmore, but the same dedication and vision that Glenn Scriber has had in digging in the woods of Lincoln Parish for a 3D archery range the public will enjoy. for the coming years.

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