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Royals rain 3s on Bulldog night

ByMary M. Ward

Dec 11, 2021


Nate Mitchell of Mason County makes a layup as he is defended by LJ Conner of Augusta. (Evan Dennison, The Independent Ledger)

One night when County Mason traded their royal blue for black and yellow, it was Augusta who had the blue.

Maysville Bulldog Party was held at the Fieldhouse with over 150 Bulldog alumni and the Royals put on a show for them before and during the game.

A pre-game hype video and calling everyone down and across the floor at halftime, the Royals put on a shooting show in an 87-56 win over Augusta.

“We just fed off the energy and excitement all night long. Thank you to everyone who came and made this evening a special one. It was something that needed to be done and give credit to my coaching staff for going above and beyond and for putting in the extra hours and time to make this night even more special, ”Royals coach said. , Brian Kirk.

The Royals knocked down 15 3-pointers, hitting 58% of their shots to show they’re still the best team in the district.

Philip Bierley started off with a hot hand, knocking down six 3-pointers for a career-high 25 points on the night.

“Once I saw the first one come in, the next ones got easier. The atmosphere, the pre-game we had, the video tribute, the lighting and everything in between got us excited for the game, ”said Bierley. “The first two games I didn’t shoot the three as well and the coaches told me to keep shooting and I was frustrated. Tonight I had that game and the coaches hit me with the ‘I told you so’.

His perimeter shot started to fade on the others, Khristian Graham-Walton knocked down five 3-point shots.

Braylon Hamilton hit two, Mason Butler one and Connor Butler’s last 3-point attempt for the Royals on a bank shot. All Panthers coach Jason Hinson could do was nod and accept what the opponent was capable of at long range.

“In the end, kudos to them. They would beat anyone tonight. We thought they would shoot better here, but I can’t tell you that I thought they would have hit 15-3, ”Hinson said. “Sometimes it’s just not your night. We will be ready, we will recover from it. How we turn around and play tomorrow, we’ll see how much that has affected us. When you get your butt kicked, it all depends on how you react to it. I have had my butt kicked several times. It’s about how you react, how your kids react, how your team reacts, and how your coaching staff reacts.

After the first quarter was tied at 17, the Royals parted with a 19-4 run to open the second quarter and controlled the game pretty much from there.

They took a 41-32 lead at halftime and scored the first six points of the second half, leading the rest of the way by double digits, Bierley’s sixth scoring 3 points giving them a lead of 62-47 in the fourth.

Augusta continued to fight to stay in 14 at 67-53 after a 3-point game from Kason Hinson, but a 20-3 run to close the game turned things around.

The Royals had four in double digits led by Bierley with 25.

Terrell Henry, who had led the Royals in scoring their first three games, finished with 17, making eight of his 10 shots from the field.

Graham-Walton finished with 15, all on the 3-point line, Braylon Hamilton adding 14 on the bench.

“We have several people who can start every night. We’re just a team that goes so well together that it doesn’t really matter who starts every night. We’re coming in with the same impact on the game, ”said Hamilton. “We kind of knew the main guys and what to expect with Nate and ‘Rell, we all know what our roles are and have to fill them every night and that will give us the best chance of winning games. Tonight was a statement match for sure. Last year they made us run and we wanted to come here and keep our foot on the accelerator. “

Hamilton started on Tuesday in place of Mason Butler with an injury, but still responded on the bench with double-digit numbers on Friday night. It’s been a running theme since last season for the Royals, players step up when their time is right.

“It’s a program where you can’t just skip steps. This is a program where you have to fight and compete from day one. This program is not for everyone. The kids who hold on and do whatever we ask, their time is finally coming. This is what we are seeing right now from Braylon. The kid has done a tremendous amount of work and I’m so excited for Braylon Hamilton. It has done everything we asked for so far. He could have lingered and been upset after taking him out of the starting lineup, but that didn’t affect him, ”Kirk said.

Nate Mitchell got his first start of the season as he recovered from an injury and finished with six points and four assists in 20 minutes of action.

Mason County’s offensive numbers were mostly off the charts, hitting 58% of their field goals, 51% of three while handing out 20 assists with just four turnovers.

“Shoot the ball so well. Our kids play very selflessly, move the ball extremely well, take good shots and with that you get a high percentage of shots in basketball, ”said Kirk.

Both teams are back in action at the Fieldhouse on Saturday. Augusta plays Mike Murphy Classic Game 3 of the Day against Felicity-Franklin, Ohio at 6 p.m.

The Panthers were led by Riley Mastin with 19 points, Chase Archibald with 15, Kason Hinson adding 10 as they fell to 4-2 that year.

The Royals will host Pikeville at 7:30 pm They will honor former Mason County coach Kelly Wells in the nightcap for his many contributions to the school, the basketball program and the community.


AUGUSTUS – 17-15-15-9 – 56

MASON COUNTY – 17-24-21-25 – 87


Augustus (56) – Mastin 19, Archibald 15, Kason Hinson 10, Snapp 5, Kylan Hinson 4, Conner 3

mason (87) – Bierley 25, Henry 17, Walton 15, Hamilton 14, Mitchell 6, M. Butler 3, C. Butler 3, Royse 2, Booker 2

Game statistics

Field objectives: Augusta 21/48, Mason 34/58

3-Pointers: Augusta 13/04, Mason 15/29

Free throws: Augusta 17/10, Mason 4/10

Rebounds: Augusta 25 (Kylan Hinson 7), Mason 34 (Walton 7)

Aids: Augusta 5, Mason 20

Sales figures : Augusta 8, Mason 4

Fly: Augusta 3, Mason 8

Personal faults: Augusta 8, Mason 18

Recordings: Augusta 4-2, Mason County 4-0