• Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

Sports History – 1/19 – The Current

January 19 – Tour de France announcement

In 1903, the Tour de France cycling race was announced. Cycle racing takes place mainly in France but sometimes covers short distances in or through other countries. The tournament consists of 21 different stages and is usually held in the summer over 23 days.

January 20 – Wilt Chamberlain scores fifteen field goals in one game

Wilt Chamberlain, an American basketball player, scored fifteen field goals in one game against the Lakers in 1967. Chamberlain made the third-most field goals in NBA history during his career and has held the record until LeBron James surpassed it in 2021.

Jan. 21 – The Boston Bruins become the first NHL team to have four different record-breaking players

In the 1970-71 season, the Boston Bruins were the first NHL team to see four different players score 100 goals in a single season. Only one other team in NHL history, the Pittsburgh Penguins, managed to repeat the feat in their 1992-93 season.

January 22 – The National Association of Baseball Players (NABBP) was founded

In 1857, the National Association of Baseball Players (NABBP) was founded in New York. It was the first organization to come together to manage national baseball teams and the rules of the game. However, the organization effectively died out in 1871 due to a lack of teams and eventually the rise of other baseball clubs and organizations.

January 23 – The National Archery Association of the United States is created

The National Archery Association of the United States was formed in Indiana in 1879. Today the association is simply known as USA Archery and is headquartered in Colorado. He was formed to promote the sport and safety measures of professional archery.

January 24 – The oldest badminton club in the world forms in England

Newcastle University in England established its badminton club in 1900, making it the oldest of its kind. The club continues to thrive today, providing intense training opportunities and playing opportunities on its webpage. The club has five teams competing in the BUCS league, consisting of three men’s teams and two women’s teams.

Jan. 25 – NY Yankees sold after Ruppert Brewery mismanagement

In 1945, the New York Yankees were sold by the Ruppert estate after it was discovered that they were mismanaging their brewery. The team was sold to Del Webb, Dan Topping and Larry MacPhail for $2.8 million, or more than $40 million today.