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The 10 most powerful members of Marvel’s A-Force

ByMary M. Ward

Dec 29, 2021


In Marvel Comics, A-Force is an all-female superhero team that emerged from the Secret Wars 2015 event. Depending on what happens in the MCU over the next several years, the team could easily come together live. -action. Some of the most powerful members of A-Force are already in the MCU, like Captain Marvel, or are about to be, like She-Hulk.

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The squad is made up of some of the heaviest hitters in the entire Marvel Universe, with characters rooted in magic, cosmic power, and sometimes both. The team also includes non-overpowered women who are nonetheless some of the comic book characters and now the most interesting in the MCU, like Kate Bishop.


Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop in a promotional image for Hawkeye.

Comic book fans know that Kate Bishop doesn’t have any superpowers, but she’s also one of Marvel Comics’ sharpest archers and best fighters. As a member of the larger A-Force collective that came together afterSecret wars, she brings her talent and experience to every battle.

With her exceptional archery skills and experience battling a number of enemies, including Madame Masque, she brings a lot to the table. With Kate now in the MCU, she would likely be a member of the team if she appears in live-action.

Mocking bird

All-New All-Different Mockingbird AKA Bobbi Morse from Marvel Comics and Agents of SHIELD

Like Kate Bishop, Mockingbird does not have any superpowers. But Bobbi Morse is one of the most important spies in the Marvel Universe, a spy master, and a highly skilled martial artist. Recent developments mean she could be part of the MCU A-Force.

Laura Barton was recently revealed to be Agent 19, Mockingbird’s SHIELD designation, in the latest episode of Hawk Eye. If A-Force emerges in the MCU, it would be fascinating to see Laura Barton come out of retirement to join her.


The balls bounce off The Sensational She-Hulk.

She-Hulk is one of the strongest characters in Marvel Comics and, therefore, one of the strongest members of A-Force. She has enormous strength, capable of lifting over 75 tons at a time. It is also extremely durable and resistant to most forms of conventional attack.

She-Hulk’s strength is also potentially limitless. As she discovered in some of the best She-Hulk comics of the 2000s, her strength comes from Jennifer Walters’ strength in human form, and She-Hulk can draw exponentially from that.

America Chavez

America-Chavez-Blanket (1) (1)

America Chavez is one of the most powerful new characters in Marvel Comics. Not only does she have exceptional strength and stamina, but she can also fly. But its greatest power is the ability to punch holes through reality in the multiverse.

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This power is more than likely the reason she should appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. With America Chavez joining the MCU, she will certainly be a part of a future A-Force, as well as the Young Avengers, a team she was also a part of in the comics.

Nico minoru

Nico Minoru using his magical powers.

Nico Minoru is one of the most powerful magicians in the Marvel Universe. She is able to cast almost any existing spell thanks to the Staff of One, a mystical artifact that grants her enormous magical power.

She is somewhat limited by this, unable to perform the same spell twice. But she is nonetheless one of the most powerful members of A-Force in the comics and will be if and when she joins the MCU.

Thor (Alison Blaire)

Dazzler becomes Thor in Marvel Comics.

Dazzler is one of the most underrated X-Men when it comes to potency, but she progressed tremendously when she became Thor. Dazzler Thor emerged in the Secret wars crossover and has all of Alison Blaire’s mutant abilities and Thor’s Asgardian might.

Armed with Mjolnir, she is able to land powerful blows, access Bi-Frost, and summon Lightning just like she did with A-Force against the Countess. There have been powerful variations of Thor in the MCU before, Dazzler Thor is said to be one of the greatest.


Monica Rambeau as Captain Marvel

Monica Rambeau is one of the most powerful characters in Marvel Comics. She is able to perceive and manipulate the entire electromagnetic spectrum, including x-rays, gamma rays, etc. She can also transform her body into these energetic wavelengths.

Monica can also fly through space and generate true blasts of cosmic energy, making her one of the most powerful reserve members of the A-Force. Now that she’s in the MCU, Monica would make a formidable roster of live-action MCUs.

Captain marvel

Captain Marvel blows Tony Stark out of his Iron Man suit during Civil War II

Captain Marvel is perhaps even more powerful than Spectrum. Carol Danvers’ power set has evolved over the years to include flight potentially at the speed of light as well as the transmutation of matter and energy. It can also tap into the very power of the universe itself.

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Captain Marvel instantly levels the playing field in any battle with any enemy in the comics and now the MCU, as she has proven against Thanos. She would be a key member of A-Force in the MCU if that came together.


The Singularity sees through the Multiverse of Marvel Comics.

The Singularity is one of the most powerful cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe, because it is literally a cosmic object. The singularity is a living quantum singularity capable of moving between time and space. It also contains a pocket dimension in its being.

The Singularity is an ideal character for the MCU as it delves into the concept of the multiverse. The Singularity literally exists throughout the Multiverse and would make a powerful A-Force roster in the Universe it forms in the MCU.

Scarlet witch

Scarlet Witch Blanket

The Scarlet Witch is potentially the most powerful character in the entire Marvel Universe. As a Nexus being and a powerful user of Chaos Magic, she is able to alter reality on a horrific scale. She not only changed reality to bring back her twin sons, she then erased the vast majority of mutants from existence with just one word.

Wanda Maximoff is slowly becoming this powerful figure in the MCU, now that she has embraced her identity as a scarlet witch as well as the magic of chaos through the Darkhold. She would become the most powerful member of the A-Force in live-action.

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