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WT Honors Student Sierra Stammen, Nationally Ranked # 23 in Horse Archery

ByMary M. Ward

Dec 3, 2021


CANYON, Texas (KFDA) – If you’ve ever shot a bow and arrow, you know it can be difficult to hit the target. Now imagine doing this while riding a horse. Sierra Stammen, senior at West Texas A&M, ranks 23rd nationally in archery on horseback.

Each competition consists of 3 to 5 courses, each course allows runners to make 6 runs / attempts and there are 3 to 5 targets per descent.

“I have to communicate with my horse in a very subtle way,” said Sierra Stammen, senior equestrian archer for West Texas A&M. “I basically play two sports at the same time which is a lot to do at the same time so when you can do it well it’s very satisfying.

WT enabled Stammen to pursue his passion for mounted archery in the Attebury Honor Program. His flagship project related to mounted archery with the importance of posture.

“My project was based on creating a judged event for mounted archery, so it took what I know about judging horses and putting it into the world of mounted archery that takes place. focus on your speed and accuracy, ”Stammen said.

Stammen started riding in 2005 and started archery on horseback in 2017. She combined her sport with studies and extracurricular programs, ending her college career as a National Champion in the Assessment of horses.

“It’s really unique, and as I’ve looked at the history of some of the programs, this is the first time I’ve seen something like this,” said Carolyn Baum, WT director of the Attebury Honors program. “So it’s great when students can use their expertise, knowledge, hobbies and apply them to their career goals. “

The Attebury Honors program celebrates its 20th anniversary at West Texas A&M. The program includes more than 170 students each year, 50 professors, 20 courses and an Honors Residence Hall. Although these are requirements to qualify, the program caters to the passion and goals of each student.

“She has been able to use that knowledge and apply it here in this sport and provide a whole new element of assessment and appreciation along the way,” said John Pipkin, Professor WT Regents and Director of the equine industry program.

Stammen leaves WT with a good knowledge of the equine business sector. A huge achievement for someone who was not brought up in a farming family.

“I am very grateful to have had these opportunities and to be able to continue to do so,” said Stammen. “It’s really what fascinates me, and therefore to make a career out of it, especially not coming from an equine family where I have seen him a lot. Getting the opportunities to work in this direction and to push myself to do it has been really fun and exciting. “

Stammen graduated from WT with a GPA of 3.9 and plans to continue mounted archery after college.

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